Danish Book Launch: Murder in the Dark and Conversation with the Translator – video

This was an event I coordinated on 4th November for Norvik Press/the Nordic Noir Book Club. The most enjoyable part of the preparation was reading the novel (in translation) and doing a trial run of the video chat with the translator in advance. Thankfully it all went off without a hitch and the evening was a success!

Click through to view the YouTube video and the full post on the Nordic Noir blog.

Nordic Noir: The Scandinavian Crime Book Club

In partnership with Norvik Press, the Nordic Noir book club held a reception at University College London on 4th November 2013 to celebrate the publication of Dan Turèll’s Murder in the Dark. The book’s translator Mark Mussari took part in an interactive Q&A during the event, live via video link from the USA. You can watch the full video below (27 minutes).

The video Q&A was hosted by UCL’s new PhD student in Danish-English Translation Studies, Ellen Kythor, and the launch was made possible with support from the university’s School of European Languages, Culture and Society.

You can purchase Murder in the Dark now via the Norvik Press website.

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