As I mentioned in a previous post, I take each week as it comes, fitting in childcare, reading, time at university, writing, time with my partner, housework (hahaha, no… wait, I mean cooking – that’s as far as it goes), socialising. I thought I’d plot a short summary of a few days last week to give you an idea:


9am – groceries delivered; unpack with the baby’s able assistance

11am – early lunch at home

11.30am – leave for crèche in the hope the baby will nap en route; 11.40am – baby asleep!

1pm – arrive at crèche/workspace

1pm-4.30pm – I work on writing up my literature review based on what I’ve been reading/researching over the last few weeks; also read over my first literature review to prepare for tomorrow evening’s “translating Nordic literature” cafe event

6pm – go to the gym while partner eats tea with baby and puts her to bed

8.30pm – finish off written work by adding last page references and quotes from material I didn’t have with me earlier at the workspace; email document to PhD supervisors (feedback meeting arranged for next week)


10.30am – meet for coffee with local mum/baby group; see a teeny-weeny newborn and wonder when I should stop referring to our 15 month old (who has been walking for nearly 3 months) as “the baby”(!)

11.30am – clothes shopping for “the baby” on our walk home

1.30pm – childcare/study swap with mum friend at home: both babies nap in their prams in the hallway initially while we chat about our latest projects; when they wake up we each take turns (for around an hour) to look after both babies while the other takes her laptop upstairs to work at the desk

7pm – take part in “translating Nordic literature” panel discussion at pop-up cafe on the other side of town, write up here.


9.30am-11.30am – go to drop-in playgroup; see local mums/babies we know

12pm – lunch at local pub alone with baby

1pm-3pm – on laptop at home while baby naps: update list of books to read, look up where to find them in the library; admin bits like emails

A couple of weeks ago I used the workspace/crèche as a “crèche only” for the first time, when I left the baby and managed to pop up to uni for a few hours (only a half hour journey on the speedy Victoria line), so that was a bit of a milestone. We are still using my partner’s annual leave and help from my parents when we can, especially for occasions when I have commitments or meetings.

We almost always eat breakfast and tea (evening meal) together as a little family: the baby, my partner and I. Around that I take each day as it comes!


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