Where do I study?

We just changed childcare provider, from a small crèche and workspace in Brixton to a slightly more established nursery and workhub in Wandsworth. Both are a similar distance away (we get there by bus), there were a few reasons we chose to change but I’d heartily recommend them both. As far as I know, these two are still the only flexible hotdesk/childcare places of their kind in South London, if not all of London. We only use this childcare arrangement a few hours a week (20 hours a month currently, to be precise) for practical and financial reasons, but it works very well, generally it’s for 3 hours in the morning so the baby gets a bit of a play, I get a bit of a break, and I get a solid few hours in front of my laptop. It has been nerve-wracking for a few weeks settling her into a new place, especially as, because it’s so sporadic, it will take her a lot longer to warm up to the new people and surroundings. But so far, so good. She gets better lunches than me when we’re there!

I still occasionally still relish the opportunity to work “on campus” at university, either in one of the libraries or a graduate workspace. Unfortunately in the last few months it has been very busy (end of term essays/exams for undergrads and taughts MAs) – on one occasion I actually couldn’t find anywhere to sit at all in the main library which was a bit of a shock! The atmosphere of being at university usually motivates me to make the most of my time, especially if I’m referring to a book I can’t or don’t want to borrow. It’s rare I can get the chance to be there for long at the moment though.

A room with a view (reflected, too)

A room with a view (reflected, too)

My desk! We’re very lucky that our attic bedroom is big enough for us to have a “proper” desk (uh, not pictured! My partner uses that one) as well this rather odd fitted dressing table, which was here when we moved in. Rather narcissistic to be sitting in front of a mirror the whole time, you may think, but quite a motivation when I catch my own eye after dossing around on Twitter instead of working, so I can give myself a stern look(!). Generally I use the attic desk space at weekends (while my partner is with the baby) and on the weekly occasions I do a childcare swap with another mum friend, where we take it in turns to use this desk while the other looks after both kids. It’s useful to have a space to pile up all my books and keep paperwork.

And finally, the sofa. From where I am reaching out to you right now! A particularly useful space for doing work in the evening, when I don’t want to hole up in the attic, and would rather have some dross on telly as background entertainment, or when the baby naps and I just fancy knocking up a few emails or the (sadly too rare!) blogpost.


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