Days turn into weeks turn into months…

Time seems to be passing at a phenomenal rate. I am now 8 months into my PhD! This last month in particular has whizzed by, and it seems like so much of my time is devoted to being with the baby. My previous post outlined where I study, and it happens in dribs and drabs.

At the beginning of last month I facilitated the third meeting for the translators’ network – I proposed and started building an online space for the translators to keep in touch. At the end of last month I had a meeting with each of my supervisors (to discuss my most recent written work i.e. literature review). All the discussion and feedback left me with a list of topics to investigate and texts to read, most of which I’ve got my hands on, all nicely piled up on my desk.

Yet I’ve barely found any time to sit and read! A lot of time in front of my laptop has been spent working on the translators’ network and related presentations (including one coming up abroad next week – I will certainly be writing a long blog post about that trip, watch this space!). I have admittedly had a few weekends away as well, a couple planned since January, but these things always seems to coincide with busy times nonetheless. I tend to reply to emails and do admin bits while the baby is napping. This evening I can’t do anything as I’m so drained from putting her to bed (she is going through what I assume from desperate Googling is the 18 month sleep regression, or in her case SCREAMING for over an hour, resisting settling down to sleep *grits teeth*).

I really hope to have a ‘normal’ month in June and spend lots of time getting my head stuck into books and typing up notes!


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