Brand Scandi spotting – an occasional series (no.1)

I find it interesting to spot signage or products clearly stylised around the Scandinavian/Nordic “brand”.

Nordic Pantry range – Christmas 2013, Sainsbury’s Supermarket:

IMG_20131224_123827 IMG_20131224_123821

What makes this range Nordic then? Some thoughts: the red/silver/white colour scheme, the pattern on the packaging is reminiscent of that Faroese jumper worn by Sarah Lund in The Killing, they are hyggelige products too – a snuggly scarf (“snood”), mittens, handwarmers, hand cream. The name “Nordic Pantry” is interesting too – bringing to mind Scandi baking, cosy kitchens, a sense of “home”.

On-campus university refectory – Vim & Rigøur:


I can find surprisingly little info online about this re-brand: it certainly wasn’t called this in 2010 when I was previously a student, and on the uni website it’s still just called The Refectory. It’s all about the ø and the dark, moody colour scheme: the branding is trying to convey sophistication and an international flair (in keeping with the tagline: International Dining Rooms). The A-board sign outside (which I haven’t got a photo of) has a grey background with light writing, it has a very noir feel. This seems to be attaching itself to the Nordic “brand” without much else to back it up. The fare is the same as it has always been – pizza and pasta (from the, ahem, Trattoria), baguettes (ooh la la), a “world cuisine” counter, and a deli counter called Goodness Me (bless you!).

I’ll carry on spotting and post what I find on my travels – I would love it if you shared with me anything you’ve seen in the UK riffing on the Scandi brand!